Bringing revolutionary technology to the Real Estate industry in Japan



Why we decided to create NFT

We care about our community. Here at E-Housing we are building long-term self-sustaining business model focusing around people, our clients. Everything we have now, all thanks to people who supported us from day one. And this project is about giving back to our community.

Why us?

We believe in blockchain technology and its capability of disrupting the status quo across the board. With the power of blockchain we are able to implement all the ideas we’ve had, such as building a community, offering benefits to our loyal customers etc.

It is just a matter of time before
questioning the relevancy of NFTs will no longer be a discussion.

Key Features

Free guarantor fee

NFT Holder will be released from paying Guarantor fee every time they move, which goes up to 50% of the rent price.

Referral program

NFT Holder gets the opportunity to
refer clients to E-Housing with 15%
reward of the deal.

Access to members club

・ Priority support
・ Off-Market listings
・ Network of High Profile individuals
・ Private Events*
・ Early access to future NTFs



Creating a system where all the holders of E-Housing NFT can use the perks such as Free guarantor fee, Referral program and Access to members club.

Giveaway and launch

In the second phase of the project we start off with Giveaway contest on E-Housing social media pages. Proceeding to opening the whitelist to the public.

Final stage

Once all the slots in whitelist are sold, minting and airdropping all the NFTs to the owners.


Will I need a wallet to join the whitelist for E-Housing NFT?
Will I need a wallet to mint an E-Housing NFT?
Can I start using all the perks while I'm in the whitelist?
What is so special about this NFT collection?
What is NFT?
When NFT will be actually minted?

Invest in your future

“E-Housing NFT” is a collection of 111 NFTs with identical features on the Ethereum blockchain launching on OPENSEA platform.

Minting price is ¥125,000

Each NFT comes with ownership perks such as referral program, discount on moving fees and access to membership club.

By owning our NFT, user immediately becomes part of the E-Housing community and gets access to membership club.