5 MUST visit bars in Tokyo

Gen Yamamoto

We recommend this bar for those who want to taste local in-season produce and premium liquors. There is only one bartender, eight seats, and three menu options. The bar opens at 3 p.m.

You can choose a set of four, six, or seven cocktails. According to the website some of the recent cocktails feature locally grown kiwifruit, melon, and hassaku (Japanese citrus hybrid).


Mixology Salon is a unique place that offers tea cocktails made with carefully selected tea leaves. They offer both cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails).

There are sets of 3, 4, or 6 cocktails on the menu. We recommend you a set of 4 tea-based cocktails served in wine glasses. Japanese Sencha, Hojicha, Taiwan Oolong tea, and Jasmine tea.

The space is quiet and looks like the traditional Japanese tea ceremony room with only 8 seats. The last order is at 11 in the afternoon.

Gaslight Kasumigaseki

Opened in 1989, Gaslight Kasumigaseki was inspired by the members-only Gaslight Bar that was popular back in the 1950s in Chicago.

The bar offers a wide variety of cocktails, from classic to original ones. One of the most intriguing items on the menu is a cocktail called Majesty. Noriyuki Iguchi, the creator of this cocktail won the 2008 World Cocktail Competition. He was the first Japanese bartender to win the competition in 18 years.

The bar has 12 counter seats and 12 table seats and is open till 11 in the afternoon.

The Bellwood

The Bellwood’s interior is inspired by the old school Japanese coffee shops of the 20th-century. A lot of the items on the menu are also cafe-themed.

Cocktail recipes for The Bellwood were created by Chivas Masters World Champion Atsushi Suzuki.  The cocktail menu is separated into two categories: coffee-based and tea-based.

One of the fascinating items on the menu is a cocktail called ‘Au Lait Not Martini’. It is made of Shochu, coffee beans, and clarified milk. The rims of the glass are sprinkled with miso powder.

There are 25 seats in total and a private room with 4 seats. The bar is open till 2 in the morning.

Planetarium Bar

A bar with a romantic atmosphere is located in central Tokyo. Inside there is a  planetarium projector, which projects over five million stars. There are counter seats and a sofa-seating area.

Planetarium bar offers a ‘Zodiac Sign Cocktail’ - a drink uniquely crafted for each zodiac sign.

The bar also offers a special romantic feature. For 500 yen you can ask them to project an image of how the sky looked on a specific date.