Area You Want To Live in Tokyo : Nakano Ward

Nakano: Where Community, Culture, and Convenience Thrive

Tokyo comprises 23 special wards, each with its own distinct character and charm. Among them, Nakano shines as a mecca for subculture enthusiasts. Boasting numerous manga, anime, and game shops, Nakano caters primarily to residents in their 20s to 30s. Its accessibility is another highlight, with seamless connections to Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Minato via multiple major train lines.

Nakano Station, bustling with activity, serves as a key transportation hub, with three lines: the JR Sobu Line, the JR Chuo Line, and the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line. Traveling to Shinjuku Station takes a mere 5 minutes on the Chuo Line without transfers, while reaching Shibuya Station requires only about 14 minutes.

Aesthetically beautiful with its nostalgic charm, Nakano features many buildings evoking the ambiance of the 1980s through playful retro colors and art deco architecture. Yet, modernity is seamlessly integrated, with towering skyscrapers adding to Nakano's allure. For those seeking a retro atmosphere, Nakano surpasses Minato and Shibuya.

Nakano Sun Mall

Unlimited Entertainment

When you step into Nakano Station, you can already see the famous Sun Mall filled with around 110 shops for you to explore. You can find anything from restaurants, souvenirs, clothes, and authentic Japanese alcohol, to even expensive watches. The architectural design of the mall itself is already charming. Dominantly using the color orange, reminiscent of warm sunlight during its setting hours, it's complemented by light blue accents as if it were the sky. The combination of these colors creates a retro atmosphere as if you were living in the 1960s.

But it doesn’t stop there. When you walk towards the end of Sun Mall, you will see Nakano Broadway, arguably one of the best places for "otaku" or manga and anime lovers. This building houses one of the biggest manga and anime stores known as Mandarake. It’s also famous for unique cafes and food, while at the same time selling affordable clothes. It’s also a place where you’ll find retro arcades.

Mandarake Nakano Broadway

If you are looking for bars and izakayas, you can just go right next to the alley, and you’ll find yourself in Yakushi Ai, an endless alley filled with small shops ranging from old ones to the new and hip ones. You’ll get yourself lost in every corner offering gems that will make you fall in love.

For those who love Japanese culture, from the food, drinks, entertainment, and atmosphere, then you should stop looking at Minato and Shibuya. Nakano is the perfect place for you and you will never regret it. From alleys to malls, Nakano is truly an endless entertainment hub.

Yakushu Ai

A Wide Variety of Public Facilities

Nakano Ward, particularly Nakano Station, offers an array of public facilities. The beautifully designed public library stocks English books and sits conveniently in the heart of Nakano Station, contrasting with Minato's more distant location at Shiba-Koen. The library does not cost a dime, with facilities for you to sit down, relax, read your book, and do your work.

Fitness enthusiasts will find their needs met at the Tokyo Athletic Center (TAC), boasting swimming pools and comprehensive gym facilities. TAC offers various subscription options, starting from ¥7,480 per month, catering to early-morning gym-goers and others alike. There are options for everyone, from programs to facilities.

Furthermore, green spaces and parks are abundant in the area. One of the nicest parks in Nakano is Nakano Central Park, situated in the central area near Nakano stations. Surrounded by skyscrapers, Nakano Central Park strikes a balance between urban life and nature. Whenever you feel burnt out or in need of fresh air, you can conveniently visit Nakano Central Park and enjoy a meal or coffee from the cafes surrounding the park. Around eight minutes from there, you can go to another park called Mojiyama Park, which is more like a traditional Japanese garden right next to the library.

Here is the list of recommended parks within the area:

  1. Tetsugakudo Park
  2. Nakano Shiki no Mori Park / Nakano Central Park
  3. Sugiyama Park
  4. Ekodanomori Park
  5. Arai Yukushi Park
  6. Momijiyama Park
Nakano Central Park

One of the Safest Wards in Tokyo

Nakano has a reputation as one of the safest wards in Tokyo. Ranked fourth in terms of public safety, Nakano ensures a worry-free living environment. Police patrol regularly to ensure there are no crimes. Compared to Minato, ranked 13th, and Shibuya, ranked 18th, Nakano is notably safer. Although Japan is already known as a safe country, living in Nakano offers an additional layer of security. It shows that residents of Nakano are trustworthy, and the police department is one of the sharpest in Tokyo. You don’t need to worry when you go home late by yourself or about your bike, making your life easier.

 Nakano Central Park

Rent Costs are Cheaper than Minato and Shibuya

Nakano Ward, it's in ranked 4 as the cheapest rent among the other 23 wards. Compare this to Minato, which ranked as the most expensive ward, and Shibuya as the 4th most expensive ward in Tokyo. In Nakano, Studio rooms cost around ¥104,000 yen, compared to Minato a studio will cost you at least ¥148,000, while Shibuya will cost you around ¥132,000. if you want to get a bigger one which is 1LDK, it will only cost you around ¥150,000 in Nakano, whereas it's around ¥257,000 in Minato

Subsidized Support for Families with Children

Nakano Ward provides a system to subsidize medical expenses for children aged 0 to 15. Residents with a Nakano Ward residence card and enrollment in domestic health insurance can benefit from this support. The government offers subsidies of up to ¥500,000 for childbirth expenses and child allowances of up to ¥15,000, depending on income brackets.

For further information, please refer to this link: Nakano Government official website

Nakano Library

Urban Development in Each District around Nakano Station

Nakano is currently undergoing many development projects. Starting from the government to private developers, many are getting involved. One of the biggest redevelopment projects is set to take place in Nakano Station. The Nakano Ward government has three main points planned for the future of Nakano. Firstly, to make Nakano a state-of-the-art business base where people could enjoy working in the area. Secondly, they want to strengthen their cultural value by creating more events and spaces for cultural activities to take place. The last is to make the city a top-tier living space where living in Nakano is as convenient as possible.

One of the biggest changes will be the Nakano Sun Plaza. Nakano Sun Plaza is known as one of the most iconic towers that ever existed in Nakano. This place has been around since 1973, and it’s finally coming to an end. They are planning to make the Symbol Tower in Nakano, with the help of other top developers in Japan, including Nomura, Tokyu, and Sumitomo.

Another worth-waiting project is the Park City Nakano Tower, by none other than the luxury housing expert, Mitsui Fudosan. It will be located in the middle of Nakano Station right next to Nakano Central Park. To have a beautiful park right next to where you live is more than a blessing.

The Nakano government is fully invested in making Nakano one of the best wards in Japan. They focus not just on buildings and houses but also on access and public transportation to make the residents' lives even more convenient. From great houses and new towers to amazing public transportation, these are just glimpses of what’s to come.

Convenient Access to the City Center

There are 5 lines connecting Nakano to central areas, making it one of the most convenient areas to live in. Whether you work in Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Roppongi, there's always easy public transportation access for you.

If you work in Roppongi, you can use the Oedo Line; Shinjuku, the JR Chuo Line within 5 minutes; Ginza, the Marunouchi Line. When your transportation is convenient, your everyday life becomes easier, and you'll worry less about getting to the office on time or the stress of commuting.

Train Lines in Nakano Ward

Recommended Areas to Live

  1. Nakano Station

Nakano Station is the central area of Nakano. It's home to entertainment, offices, skyscrapers, and modern developments. If you love living in the main area where it's always alive and busy, then you should consider Nakano as your station. It's also suitable for those who work in Shinjuku and Yoyogi, where the Sobu line goes directly. It’s also convenient to go to Shibuya with only a transfer to the Yamanote Line.

  1. Nakano Sakaue

Nakano Sakaue is a residential area in Nakano Ward, connected to the Toei Oedo line, making it the better option for those who constantly go to Roppongi or Minato Ward in general. Nakano-Sakaue located very close to Shinjuku, yet it’s still calmer than Shinjuku. If you prefer a quiet neighborhood and still conveniently close to the city center, Nakano-Sakaue is for you.

  1. Higashi Nakano

Similar to Nakano-Sakaue, Higashi-Nakano is a residential district in the Nakano Ward. The difference is, Higashi-Nakano is slightly busier when it comes to bars and restaurants. It’s also closer to Shinjuku, and connected to both the Toei Oedo Line and JR Chuo Line. Higashi-Nakano is located close to the Kanda River, which has been redeveloped to make the residents more comfortable and able to enjoy the river and parks close to it. Higashi-Nakano is perfect for anyone who works either in Shinjuku Ward or Minato Ward.

  1. Nogata Station

Unlike Nakano, Higashi-Nakano, and Nakano Sakaue, Nogata Station is the most traditional, retro atmosphere area in Nakano Ward. Nogata is a great residential area in Nakano that not only offers peace and nature but also has many alleys filled with authentic Japanese shops with vintage architectural charm, a retro color palette, to the most minimalist traditional bread shops. It’s connected to the Seibu Shinjuku Line where it passes Takadanobaba, known for an area for university students, and straight to Shinjuku. The Nogata area is arguably one of the most overlooked areas in Nakano. If you like residential areas with vintage Japanese charm, this one is for you.

Regan Zaka

In summary, Nakano offers an irresistible blend of retro charm and modern convenience, making it the perfect place to call home in Tokyo. If you're drawn to Nakano's unique atmosphere and vibrant community, why not take the next step? Contact our team today or explore available listings apartments in Nakano and find your dream home. Let us help you make Nakano your new address and start enjoying everything this fantastic neighborhood has to offer. Get in touch now and let's begin your Nakano journey together!

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