Don't miss out on the apartment you like in the busy season!

So when is the best time to move?

Are you planning to find an apartment in Tokyo during the moving season? You need to be armed with more than just a cell phone and fast internet service. January-April is the busiest season for renters in Tokyo, with schools, universities and businesses starting the New Year / Fiscal Year in April and enthusiastic about supplying available rental housing. Rental apartments / housing can be on the market in the morning and will be available by tonight!

It's even more intense! Rents that may move in March and April, often in December and January! The rental market in Tokyo is so busy during the peak season of moving that apartments are taken before they can be seen! New rental properties that pop up can be picked up within an hour of being available. I'm not kidding. The speed of the market during the peak season of travel is insane.

I have lived in Tokyo for 10 years and had to move several times. Many people asked me why I had such a wonderful apartment. When it comes to finding accommodation during the high season from January to April, the hardships are really intolerable. Here are some tips for securing your next apartment during the busiest time of the year.

1) Do your homework and be well prepared ...

The best and most useful advice is to know exactly what you want before you move. Please continue your search (at!) Before moving. Then you will know what is there. B. Layout or price range. Then find out what's possible and find an apartment on a realistic basis. My list of priorities was to separate the toilet from the shower, make the kitchen bigger (because we want to entertain), and be within walking distance from the station. In addition to the "basic 2LDK", it is important to understand the priorities and communicate clearly with the agents. You can't waste your time looking at places that don't meet the standards, and you run the risk of missing out on places that meet the standards.

A good point about research, as it is important to have realistic expectations of what is possible. The options are very limited, as the apartment can fill up quickly between January and April. Therefore, please contact 2-3 months before the desired move-in date, especially if the move-in date is the peak season of move-in.

This way you can search for entries that will be available in the future. If you are already in Tokyo and are moving during the high season, please contact us early to apply for an apartment that is not yet available. This may be the only way to get an apartment during the high season.

2) Be Quick

In my experience I have found many great apartments that meet all the criteria I have just listed. I went to make an appointment to see it, and was told that someone else caught it without even looking at the place! I heard this applies to many situations. The rental application policy in Japan is different from that in overseas. In Tokyo, the rent of the first applicant will be saved. Subsequent applicants must wait until the first applicant cancels or fails the screening until the screening begins. The high demand for apartments makes you feel like you're fighting time and competing with thousands of other people trying to move even during the high season. Don't assume you don't have time to see the apartment until the weekend. You have to go as soon as you find it! Take a long lunch break, or if your partner (or friend) is absent, send them even if you can't meet in person. If you see , you have to decide immediately! Keep in mind that someone could claim it during peak season without checking it personally. If you don't like it, you can do it without it, but know that it's not an easy road you're on in the battle of this apartment. High season definitely look at your apartment as soon as possible! If you arrive in Tokyo between January and April, your employer may understand that it will take some time to find an apartment, as expatriates may start working a few days after arrival. Often. If you need to see an apartment during the busy season, contact the Resources Department to see if you can take a vacation.

3) Not just places, places, places ... your agent is everything

When looking for our apartment in Harajuku, we make the mistake of going to a very young and unknown housing agency Did. We loved the apartment, it was old but had charm and potential. I knew immediately that I wanted it, so I submitted an application. I was a foreigner and our agency had no experience working with foreigners, so I was immediately rejected. I was shocked! It was a perfect place, so I went one step further and made a bank statement and had my (Japanese) boss write a letter of recommendation. Eventually, we switched to a more experienced agency in the same apartment with questions and good words for us. This was a very rare case. This is because you typically receive only one application per unit and are not allowed to change agents on the second chance. It was in our favor, because the peak season was just over and we were accepted. This wouldn't have been possible in the midst of Jan April's madness. This experience was a massive proof of how important your agents are and the important role they play for you. Don't overlook your agent, it is a Placetrike game when you apply for your location during the high season.

One of our work of is to indicate which rent is possible. During the Summit Removal Season, it is important that the housing hunt is very serious during the high season, and it is important that the housing hunt is very serious and fast. We make many advice on the madness handling of the moving season. So, if you are with us, we have your back on the way!

This season can be very tired. I'm convinced that I know your standards correct preparation and experienced and experienced real estate agent and confidence, and to find a favorite Tokyo apartment even during the season you are moving increase. Ask all your friends how they found such a great place. Feel free to say, "I made the decision earlier than the lightning bolt and the agent was very good.