A new environmentally friendly apartment complex in the center of Tokyo

"Mita Garden Hills" is the largest construction site in Minato ward, taking up 25000 m² with a total of 1002 units.  The new apartment complex is going to replace the old historical building of the former Ministry of Telecommunications, some features of which will be implemented in the facade design. The complex will consist of two 14-story concrete buildings.

The apartment complex will have a 7,700m² territory with an inner garden available exclusively to its residents. On-site solar power generation will provide residents with electricity, promising a stable power supply even in case of outrage. "Mita Garden Hills" is also said to have a feature that minimizes CO2 emissions, which occur from using both electricity and gas. The complex will be the largest ZEH (Zero Energy House) in Japan.

Common areas of this luxury apartment complex will include a workspace, gym, golf lounge, sauna, theater room, music room, and cafe lounge. The resident will also have an access to the concierge service that is going to be provided in partnership with the Imperial Hotel.

"Mita Garden Hills" will offer a wide variety of layouts. From spacious one-room apartments to 377 m² four-bedroom units. Sales will begin in early December 2022 as construction is scheduled to be completed in late March of 2025.