A slight increase in Tokyo’s five central wards’ vacancy rates

The rise in vacancy rates is supposedly caused by tenants relocating to newly constructed buildings and office space contract terminations due to the post-covid changes in the work field.

Asking rent’ average showed a slight decline, going down 26 yen and cur is 28,212 yen. Although there are many options available for tenants, the pace of decline in asking rents average has slowed.

Vacancy rates in the six largest cities of Japan were as follows: 4.4% in Tokyo's 23 wards (up 0.2%), 1.3% in Sapporo (up by 0.1%), 3.3% in Sendai (down by 0.4%), 4.8% in Nagoya (down 0.4%), 4.3% in Osaka (up by 0.1%), and 2.9% in Fukuoka (remained the same).

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