Tokyo's Best Property Series : Park Court

Park Court Luxury Apartments

Park Court is a property series developed by Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd, part of their PARK brand, offering a range from detached houses and medium-sized condominiums to mansion towers. Park Court falls under their “Limited Category,” focusing on creating timeless, unique properties designed to satisfy residents indefinitely. Rather than just aiming for luxury, Park Court prioritizes beautifully designed homes with top-tier quality.

The concept behind Park Court is to blend nature with urban living, creating an ideal environment for urban residents who appreciate green spaces. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on providing high levels of privacy, ensuring residents feel comfortable and at ease in their homes.

Within the Park Court series, there are three different categories: Park Court, Park Court Hilltop, and Park Court Tower. Each offers distinct designs while maintaining the overarching concept. The first property in the Park Court series was Park Court Tsurumaki, established in 1991 in Setagaya ward. Since then, the Park Court series has seen remarkable success, growing to encompass 46 properties by 2024 with only limited vacancy available left.

Here are some of our favorite Park Court series.

Park Court Shibuya Tower

Designed by Hoshino Architect

Year built : 2020

Total Unit : 505

Facilities : Creative Lounge, Coworking Lounge, Media Lounge, Library Lounge, Study Room, Party Room, Meeting Room, Party Room, Guest Room, The Park View Lounge, Fitness Room, Cinema Room, Golf Lounge.

Price : ¥295,000 - ¥1,200,000*

Ward : Shibuya

Taking inspiration from the elegant architecture of Yoyogi National Gymnasium and the serene surroundings of Meiji Shrine, this residential tower is designed to harmoniously blend curves and straight lines.

The tower rises smoothly with lovely curves seen from every angle. Its upward sweep and the curved top blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic shape that cuts into the sky. Adorned with a colorful spiral pattern resembling flowing water, that gives a sense of three-dimensional elevation.

Park Court Shibuya The Tower

Park Court Kagurazaka

Designed by Kengo Kuma

Year built : 2010

Total Unit : 78

Facilities  : Garden, Lobby lounge, Akagi Shrine

Price: ¥240,000 - ¥700,000*

Ward : Shinjuku

Designed under the supervision of Kengo Kuma a globally renowned architect and deeply rooted in the local community at the same time. The exterior design integrates "Yamato-bari" which is a Japanese version of board-and-batten, delicately inviting in the light and wind from the shrine. Park Court Kagurazaka seamlessly harmonizes residence with a temple, and garden. The urban residence, serenely designed in a historic residential environment, is centered on the approach to Akagi Shrine, and the three gardens surrounding the residential tower are integrated to form a "forest of time" where it gives a sense that time flows slowly.

Park Court Kagaruzaka

Park Court Sanbancho Hilltop Residence

Designers: Zenitaka Gumi & Hanawa Landscape Design

Year built : 2017

Total Units : 92

Price: ¥247,000 - ¥530,000*

Ward: Chiyoda

Facilities : Garden terrace, Garden lounge, bicycle parking lot, parking lot

Park Court Sanbancho Hilltop is uses a traditional design that harmonizes modernity and harmony. The combination of Japanese ancient architecture with modern high rise apartments are a match made in heaven. The walls are made of two of Japan's most famous stones, known as "Aji stone in the west and Honkomatsu stone in the east. It brings elegant and serene atmosphere, is a major accent of the building. The textures and atmosphere that only the real thing can create are found throughout the building. This is one of the values of this house.

Park Court Sanbancho Hilltop Residence

Park Court Shirokane-Chojamaru

Designed by UDS & Yoshimoto Associates

Year built : 2021

Total Units : 34

Price : ¥200,000 - ¥700,000*

Ward : Shinagawa

Facilities : “The Gallery” Entrance, “The Foyer” Lounge, Garden Rooftop

In the historic "Shirokane Chojamaru" neighborhood, Park Court Shirokane-Chonjamaru blends old and new styles with a keen eye for beauty. Using only natural materials combined with traditional colors while incorporating modern design creates a timeless feel for the building. Inside, carefully designed spaces guide you from the peaceful, tree-filled area to a quiet hall. Inspired by the tranquility of a museum, the entrance hall is adorned with artworks from both Japanese and international artists. As you walk towards the end, a tranquil garden invites you to relax and find peace.

Park Court Shirokane-Chojamaru

Park Court Bunkyo Koishikawa the Tower

Designed by Nihon Sekkei

Year built : 2021

Total Units : 571

Price : ¥219,000 - ¥799,000*

Ward : Bunkyo

Facilities : Lobby, Aqua Garden, Kid’s Field, Guest Room, Sky Aqua Lounge, Rooftop Jacuzzi

This stunning architecture both complements the cityscape and pushes boundaries in creating new landscapes. With its symmetrical design, it aims for timeless beauty reminiscent of a grand mansion. The lower part of the building takes inspiration from the sturdy structures of samurai residences and traditional temples, while the upper floors are more airy and modern in style.

Park Court Bunkyo Koishikawa the Tower

*Price are subjected to change

New chapter will begin soon with the introduction of Park Court The Sanbancho House. Located in Sanbancho, Chiyoda Ward, this exciting new property is set to redefine urban living and become the symbol of the area. Emphasizing mindfulness and well-being, the development will offer various amenities tailored to the needs of its residents. From dedicated spaces for work and exercise to serene areas for relaxation, Park Court The Sanbancho House aims to provide a holistic living experience for its future tenants.

Park Court epitomizes a blend of luxury, timeless design, and urban tranquility. The series offers a diverse range of properties, all meticulously crafted to prioritize quality and privacy. With a focus on blending nature with urban living, Park Court creates an ideal environment for residents seeking green spaces amidst the cityscape. Through its various categories and distinctive designs, Park Court has garnered remarkable success, with properties like Park Court Shibuya Tower and Park Court Kagurazaka exemplifying the series' commitment to elegance and harmony. As Park Court continues to expand, with developments like Park Court The Sanbancho House on the horizon, it sets a new standard for urban living. Check the available properties on our website, or ask our agents to find one for you.