How To Prepare Your House for an Earthquake

           Approximately 2000 earthquakes happen in Japan every year. From small ones that you could barely feel, to big ones that can become a real danger. Fortunately, all buildings in Japan are required to have an earthquake-resistant structure. However, it comes to your own responsibility to make sure your house is safe from the inside as well.

Here are some tips on how to make your house safe in case a big earthquake strikes.


  1. Store your glassware safely 

Keep your fragile items safe on low shelves or in closed cupboards. 


  1. Avoid blocking your exits

When placing your furniture, try to place it so that if they fall over, it won't block your exit 


  1. Tension poles

Installing tension poles is the best way to secure your furniture in place. It is also not required to drill any holes in order to install these so there won't be any problems when you move out.


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  1. An emergency kit

It is also highly recommended to have an emergency kit ready. Gather all your important documents, some extra cash, food with a long shelf life, a radio to be able to receive the latest news. Keep it all in one bag in case you will have to evacuate. 


  1. Anti-shatter film

You can  secure your windows from shattering during an earthquake by buying an anti-shatter film. Amazon also sells these and it is not expensive at all.


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Since Japanese houses almost never collapse,  the most danger comes from your own belongings falling down and breaking. By following the five easy steps above, you should be able to stay safe even in case of a big earthquake.