New condominium with 2.7 meter ceilings for sale in Taito ward

The property is located a five-minute walk away from Shin-Okachimachi Station on the Toei Oedo Line. The site area is 491.92 square meters, and the building is a 14-story reinforced concrete structure with unit layouts of 1LDK to 3LDK from 32 to 67 square meters.

All units have ceilings higher than 2.7 meters, with wide windows which create an open and spacious feeling. The condominium also has maisonette-type units with a ceiling height of approximately 5.9m in the atrium area. Each unit is equipped with a system that allows you to control the air conditioners and floor heating system from your smartphone.

Maisonette-type units

The building is also the first in the company's history to be certified as a low-carbon emission building, due to the use of internal insulation, heat-retaining bathtubs, water-saving toilets, and other high-efficiency equipment.

Sales will begin in early July, but the price of the units is yet to be announced. Construction is scheduled to be completed by December of 2023, and the tenants will be allowed to move in late January 2024.